Our Projects


We have undertaken various projects, all of which we are very proud of, we have included a more detailed description on some of the more interesting below:

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you require any further information or more details about the projects we have carried out.

New bathroom and Laundry Room

The client contacted us after seeing our publicity, they had already had a quotation done by a French builder/bathroom fitter, which shocked them, they emailed me and I was happy to make the appointment that Saturday afternoon. They showed me the bathroom and explained to me what they wanted to do and could I suggest any ideas, which I was happy to do.


We offered our quotation, which happened to be 1/3rd cheaper than our competitor, the client instructed us to carry out the works.

We constructed a small partition wall to form a separate laundry room that contained the washing machine and dryer. The old tiles were removed and the walls re plastered, areas of the plasterboard had to be replaced as the bathroom had been constructed from normal plasterboard and not the water resistant type.


The plasterboard ceiling in the main bathroom had been badly cut making a huge hole where a new air-con heating system had been fitted so this needed to be redone, and a trap door manufactured and fitted to allow access.

The ceiling in the laundry room had also been damaged and repaired badly so this was corrected, replacing half of the ceiling.


A new toilet and sink were fitted and we corrected the existing waste pipe problem the client had. The bath was removed and a new bath was fitted along with a new front support wall was created incorporating a trap door that under French law is necessary to access pipe work under a bath.

The job was completed within two weeks and we carried out additional work, an electric ventilator was fitted in the ceiling and also a plug socket next to the mirror.


We also repositioned a radiator from the main bathroom area into the corner of the laundry room, where we had removed the old tiles and plastered the walls.


To client was extremely satisfied and has left us a glowing testimonial on the website.