Our Projects


We have undertaken various projects, all of which we are very proud of, we have included a more detailed description on some of the more interesting below:

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you require any further information or more details about the projects we have carried out.

New Roof Terrace and Skylights

The customer had a traditional French town house over four floors and they required some major refurbishment work to be carried out. A roof terrace had been created by taking away part of the existing roof a floor had been created using the ceiling of the bedroom so in time the ceiling strength was given way internally with it collapsing under the additional weight problems and also water penetration was happening.  

The property needed to be re roofed and a number of timbers that were rotten had to be changed also a current metal framed skylight in the bathroom needed to be changed as it was old and leaking, during the work the old skylight opening was doubled in size by cutting out the roof and an a new PVC one was installed.




Roof structure timbers were replaced were necessary, new flashings, tiles and repairs were made on the old lead guttering making the property water tight again.

Part of the old roof beams that had been left to support the old roof were still in place and these were cut and removed as additional support system was added in on constructing the roof kitchen and closed part of the roof terrace as this was in three parts a large open space, closed area terrace and then a closed kitchen area. 

Due to the flooring only being a tiled ceiling that had no weight bearing qualities, a new floor had to be constructed this was done by inserting a number of RCJ into the supporting walls and then a new floor could be made to support a traditional floor this also raised the old floor level to a desired height enabling a perfect view from standing on the roof terrace across the town and nearby mountain range.


All old walls and chimney were re-rendered electrics with an additional fuse box were installed into the kitchen area and also the outside space allowing alfresco dining and entertainment.


Windows and patio doors were installed to separate roof kitchen from the out space.