Our Projects


We have undertaken various projects, all of which we are very proud of, we have included a more detailed description on some of the more interesting below:

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you require any further information or more details about the projects we have carried out.

Raised Deck And Retaining Wall

This client called us to solve a problem of her growing family and need of space for her children to play under supervision. At the rear of the house was a half stone patio that ended as the garden dropped by 1.5 meters.  

The house is built onto a large slope that also not just sloped backwards but also sloped to the side. After discussing the matter with the clients on the alternative methods of dealing with this problem the idea of building a raised deck area was suggested by Giuliano, in addition the client required a covered space to place the kids bikes and outdoor furniture during the wet months.


We left and came up with the scheme displayed in the photos, a raised decking area opening the entire garden to create the illusion of more space and given the kids a designated play area.

We needed to excavate the slope to the left side further because of the gradient; the client had requested a head height space as a walk-in storeroom.


We installed reinforced concrete piles to give a stable support for the wall, dry stone walls were then built in front of the concrete walls so the whole scheme blended into the surrounding garden wall.  The earth that we dug out on the left we used to raise the right side of the site, allowing us to use the new raised earth side as our base, we then created pillars on the opposite side, which supported the raised walling.

Raised Storage

After a week or so the main foundation was ready for the laying of the decking panels, on the left side a polycarbonate sheet was laid which protected the new storeroom from water penetration.

During the project several problems arose but these were solved quickly and without any major costs or additional work. The decking was built around the beautiful 100-year-old Olive tree forming a feature that could take plant pots around the trunk of the tree adding another visual point for the eye.

Olive Tree

A drainage channel was made allowing water to flow smoothly away from the stone patio that leads down to the new zone.

The client was extremely happy with the finished result and the kids couldn’t wait to place the trampoline on their new play area.