Our Projects


We have undertaken various projects, all of which we are very proud of, we have included a more detailed description on some of the more interesting below:

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you require any further information or more details about the projects we have carried out.

Damaged Roof Replacement

The client called us when it became evident that water was penetrating the roof as moldy wet marks were appearing in two of the four bedrooms. On an external inspection there were a number of roof tiles that were cracked and needed replacing.

Following an internal inspection in the loft, we highlighted that two joints had been subjected to water ingress and were also damaged, the roof had been erected in a mode where there was no protection under the roof tiles so any damage allowed water penetration and unfortunately also allowed pest entry leading to the loft area being covered in rat/mouse excrement.

A lot of the roof tiles had been miss cut and did not overlap enough so allowed a backwash of water to drip under the roof tiles.

Following a conversation with the client, it was decided that insulation was also important as they were intending to use the house more during the winter months so we suggested an Italian product, which is called Stirodach. Stirodach is a product that you use on pitched roofs and consists of a thermally insulating sheet in closed water repellant extruded polystyrene foam. It comes in panels and lays on a metal frame or wooden structure; it allows any water penetration from the roof tiles to run down the panels and into the gutter.

The overhang need to be replaced as the tongue and groove wood had rotted due to the exposure to the elements over time.

The project took us about 26 days including fitting a new gutter and fascia in copper, the lead flashings were all re done around the three chimneys being fitted in accordance with the Stirodach system.

The client was extremely happy with the results, both aesthetically and structurally, and the rats/mice have all happily found a new place to live.